Website Analysis

let your vision take flight.

Our Website Analysis and Audit provides the information you need to meet your goals.

Is your website performing? More traffic? Better conversion? Easier to find by the right audience? What is your goal? If your site isn’t performing, we can offer the solutions to fix it. If your site is underperforming, we’ll tell you why and give you the necessary adjustments to make it better.

Our Website Audits are comprehensive and identify the areas that need attention by priority and importance. And they are in English so they are easy-to-understand. Most importantly, our Website Audits are performed by living, breathing human beings – not automated programs.

Our Website Analysis includes:

  • SEO Analysis and Audit
    • Site Crawl
    • Check for use of Flash, Frames and Ajax
    • Google PageRank and Banned URL Check
    • Sitemap and Site Index Ratio
    • Search Engine Verification, Backlinks and Directory Listings
  • Site Analysis
    • Rank and Indexed Pages
    • Proper and Search Engine Friendly Code and Images
    • Navigation Structure, Validation and Construction
    • Cross Browser / Cross Platform Compatibility
    • Server Load Time, Internet Protocol Address (IP) and Location
    • Safe Browsing
    • Overall eRank
  • Competitor Analysis
    • Related Websites
    • Identified Top Ten Keywords/Keyphrases
    • Traffic Details
    • Search Engine Ranking Position
    • Estimated Statistics on Suggested Keywords/Keyphrases