Trade-In Your Website

If it’s time your website needs a fresh new look, or you’re ready to take advantage of the latest and greatest technologies that keeps the search engines happy, now’s the time to trade-in your website!

Introducing the eCreations’ Website Trade-In Program.

OK, it may sound a little silly, but hear us out.  Some of the calls we receive are where people want to update their website to make it mobile friendly, to take advantage of making their own updates, or the company has gone through some type of re-branding or re-positioning.  It doesn’t mean that the existing website is terrible (though we’ve seen those too), a lot of times it means that we at least have something to start from; so why not offer a program where you can trade-in your website?

There are other services out there that provide you with an estimate of what your website is worth.  If you look closely, they might actually be evaluating your entire digital footprint.  When you want to trade-in your website, we’ll specifically examine the site itself.  Sure, we also look at things like the domain name, the positioning on search engines, and the estimated traffic, but our primary focus is to evaluate what we might have to start with on a website upgrade project.

Trade-In your website to take advantage of:

  • A fresh, new, modern look, feel and functionality
  • Make your website responsive and improve your user’s experience
  • Improve conversions though user engagement