Social Media Marketing Phoenix

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Social media plays an important part of your online presence . If you’re not on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or others, you need to be. It starts with an understanding of your targeted demographic and developing a strategy to capture, engage and keep that demographic. 

Social Media Management Phoenix

In today’s society, having a consistent and robust social media presence is critical to your overall online marketing success.

The two most important reasons behind that is: 

  1. Google has increased the relevance of Social Media signals in deciding who should rank higher
  2. The general public expects to be able to find the companies they are thinking about doing business with to be represented in the medium of their choice. If you are not there, they may choose one of your competitors. 

eCreations does not use a cookie cutter approach to this process. We assign a dedicated online ambassador to help our clients with social media setup and management.

Setting up your social media footprint can be a daunting task and maintaining it can be even more overwhelming. Our social media management experts are available to set up your outlets, meet with you one-on-one to decide what your specific message should be, and keep the posts up to date. It’s one thing to have a social media footprint – it’s another to keep it active.

What should I expect from Social Media?

Social media marketing has multiple goals which cannot always be traced to an immediate ROI (return on investment).

  • Company branding and name recognition
  • Influence the pulse and mood of your customer and potential customers
  • Expand and improve your online presence
  • Make yourself available through a more casual medium that encourages interaction
  • Consistent engagement with clients that encourages passive referrals for new clients
  • Expand your marketing opportunities through a completely different medium
  • Demographic targeting

Are you a Social Media Skeptic?

Let’s take a closer look at what Social Media Marketing can do for your business.