Receptionist Questionnaire

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Thank you for your interest in our part-time receptionist position. We typically receive more than 200 responses per day for this position and this questionnaire allows us to learn a little more about the people who we have an initial interest in.

This questionnaire basically takes place of a 1st / phone interview.

We wanted to make sure you knew that this position is:

  • Part-time at our office on 15th Avenue, south of Pinnacle Peak (Deer Valley Airport area)
  • 25-30 hours per week (exact start time & end time to be determined, but daily between 8:30am and 5:00pm Monday-Friday)
  • Hourly compensation is between $8 and $12 per hour
  • The responsibilities include:  being the awesome, client-centric “front-person” of our organization, answering, screening & directing incoming phone calls, maintaining inventory of supplies & break room items, running errands, handling incoming & outgoing mail, maintaining cleanliness of the office (dusting, sweeping, etc.), light data entry, typing, filing, scanning, etc., updating appointment calendars and scheduling / facilitating meetings & appointments

If all is OK and you’re ready – we’re ready.  If the above job details are not OK with you, please send us an email and request we exclude you from the list of candidates we’re initially interested in.

* Your Name:  
* Your Email Address:  
* Your Phone Number:  

Why did you apply for this position? Why did you leave your last position or why do you want to change your current position?
What are some things that you are looking for in a job?
What are you trying to avoid in a job?
Give an example of a time when you dealt with a difficult situation and explain how you handled it.
Do you consider yourself to be self-motivated? If so, describe a time when you took the initiative to accomplish something.
Please share an example of your problem solving skills.
What browsers do you have experience with?  Which one is your favorite?
In 10 words or less, please describe what you think eCreations does.
Who is your favorite musical artist / group? And why?
The location (within the office) of our receptionist is obviously by the front door. The majority of our staff is “behind closed doors”. Do you have any issues with being left alone for a period of time? Yes      No
Do you believe that you do the things asked of you; you normally ask for things to do; or you find things to do?
What specific strengths do you think you can bring to our team?
We’re located on 15th Avenue, south of Pinnacle Peak (by Deer Valley Airport / I17 & the 101).  Is our location convenient for you? Yes  Not Really
When would you be able to start?
Do you have any restrictions on the hours you can work each day? (start and end times – not number of hours)