QR Codes & MS Tags

let your vision take flight.

We’ve all seen those funny-looking images in magazines, on billboards and even on vehicles. Quick Response Codes (QR Codes) and MS (Microsoft) Tags have become the easiest way to take people from print to web in seconds flat!

Mobile commerce is growing by billions of dollars annually. The penetration of the Smartphone has reached nearly half of U.S. mobile subscribers*. To stay competitive, eCommerce companies must understand how to use QR Codes and MS Tags.

Capture your audience from their mobile device and make it easier for them to recognize your brand, be aware of your products or services, and make them a client or customer. When a QR Code or MS Tag is scanned, using a free downloadable app, it reveals a URL, the mobile device then instantly opens the URL using its built-in-browser.

*Source: Nielsen, Q3 2011

Some of the Benefits of QR Codes & MS Tags:

  • They bridge the gap between offline and online media
  • They can be used in a smaller ad to offer more information
  • They can be used for a call to action
  • They contribute to your Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Optimization
  • Their effectiveness can be measured
  • They can be used over and over with different marketing campaigns
  • They give the user with instant information

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