PHP 5.3

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All of our servers (except Chilisoft ASP servers) support PHP 5.3. PHP 5.3 may need to be enabled on an account before it can be utilized. Please see the instructions below for your specific hosting plan.

•Shared/Reseller Accounts See Below
•Windows Shared Accounts See Below
•VPS Accounts See Below
•Dedicated Servers See Below
Script Compatibility
Before switching to PHP 5.3, be aware of backwards compatibility issues with scripts; Older PHP coding may not be compatible with newer versions of PHP. Using PHP 5.3 will break any sites requiring Zend or ionCube that were encoded with PHP 5.2. We recommend checking with the application developer for a 5.3 version.
Custom php.ini Compatibility
If you are using a custom php.ini file that references PHP modules that are not available with PHP 5.3, your site may not work. Either remove the custom php.ini file (which will cause the server to use the default php.ini file for PHP 5.3), or create a php.ini file that is compatible with PHP 5.3.
PHP 5.3 for Shared and Reseller Accounts
For Shared and Reseller accounts which still use PHP 5.2 as the default, you can use an upgraded version of PHP by navigating to the PHP Configuration icon in the Advanced section of your cPanel. For additional information regarding this plugin please refer to the following article:

•PHP Configuration Plugin
PHP 5.3 for Windows Shared Accounts
Windows Shared users can enable PHP 5.3 on their accounts via the Plesk control panel using the steps below:

1.Go to the Websites & Domains tab.
2.Click on the domain that requires PHP 5.3.
3.Click on the Website Scripting and Security link.
4.Under Web Scripting and Statistics, select the checkbox for PHP support.
5.From the PHP version drop-down box, select 5.3.
6.At the bottom of the page, click OK.
PHP 5.3 for VPS Accounts
VPS with cPanel
Do not use the Handler code listed above. Instead, you must submit a ticket to our Support department and request that PHP 5.3 be installed.
VPS with Plesk
If your VPS requires PHP 5.3 please submit a ticket to our Support department to request this.

VPS with VZ only
VPS hosting accounts without cPanel or Plesk, which only have VZ Power Panel/Virtuozzo, do not have PHP installed. You may install any version of PHP that you want.

Note: VPS hosting without cPanel or Plesk is considered unmanaged and, as such, you would need to compile and install PHP yourself.
PHP 5.3 for Dedicated Servers
Linux and Windows Dedicated Servers
Do not use the handler code listed above. Instead, you must submit a ticket to our Support department and request Apache be recompiled to use PHP 5.3.

Linux Chilisoft ASP
PHP 5.3 is not currently available on Linux Chilisoft ASP servers. Chilisoft ASP servers only support PHP 5.2, and no new Chilisoft servers are being provisioned.