Javascript Developer Pre-Test

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Javascript Developer Pre-Test

Congratulations on moving one step closer to working at eCreations! Your questionnaire looked pretty good, and now it’s time to prove you know your stuff.

FYI, your timer started when you opened this page. We just want to know how long it takes you.

Here’s your test…

Using or a similar tool:

Part 1

  • Create a function that accepts a value of entryId
  • Within this function, 1) make an API call to the following endpoint:
  • 2) get the raw file content string from the API response
  • 3) filter through the results and find the entry with an ID that corresponds to the entryId value passed to the function
  • 4) return the found entry

Part 2

  • Call your function, passing an ID of f48d6b0d-9ae8-40df-d3b9-f42148ac5815
  • Follow the instructions from the result

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