Your Success in 8 Steps:


strategy and planning

The planning phase is a critical step to your end result. It’s in this phase that we define exactly what you want to achieve and who you want to reach. Traffic – Sales Goals – Demographics – Competition Navigation – eCommerce – Site Architecture – Lead Generation? We think about all of it. Reach out and see what we’re about.



Once we know where we want to go, who we want to reach and how we’re going to get there, we handcraft custom designs using user experience analysis. We’ll develop concepts that reflect your brand, and we’ll ensure we match your tone and voice. We’ll work with you to refine initial concepts into a polished mock-up you’ll love. Step inside our office and speak with our team yourself.



Once you’ve approved the conceptual web design(s), we’ll hand-code everything into a custom theme you’ll personally own. Developed using the most current technologies available to ensure cross-browser/cross-platform compatibility and portability. We’ll also make sure that the optimized directory structure is friends with search engines and we’ll create the pages with your content. Holler at us to learn more.

content and seo

“Content is king”. That’s not only what the search engines are looking for, that’s what your viewers expect! In order for your customers to find you organically, your content must embrace Google’s algorithm updates. We kick-off this phase with an in-depth analysis of key phrases, targeted to your industry. We’ll also code additional features and functions such as a subscriber magnet for email marketing, social media integration and analytics. Let’s talk.


info graphic

If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t matter. We’ll make sure your site works the way it is supposed to… every time. We subject our designs to rigorous testing such as load tests, load times, graphical compression, page threshold, device/platform/browser compatibility (6 browsers) and we’ll make sure that our code is 100% compliant. Test our knowledge in-person and get a free project analysis.



Next, we’ll introduce you to your fully-functional site.  We’ll review the completed site in its entirety with you to make sure all the Ts have been crossed and all the Is have been dotted. Things start getting really exciting. Together, we’ll make any last-minute updates. When you’re thrilled, you say the word and we push the button to launch. Your user experience will be love at first site. Speaking of sites, did you know we have an amazing team located on-site? Meet us and learn more.



Sometimes, this is so much fun, a launch-party is in order. Other times, we’ll handle this remotely. We have clients all over the world! You’ll get one-on-one training to teach you how to use your brand new, fully functional website. What’s more, this is when you’ll be able to begin using your brand new, fully-responsive website. We love launch-parties though. We have a lot of fun here, doing what we love. And we’d love to take a look at your project.


post launch support

Your success is our success. We live this creed, which is why we have a 98% client retention rate, with 93% of our clients coming from referrals. For the first 90 days, we’ll routinely check the site to ensure that everything is always functioning at 100%. We’ll support you and help you with questions. After that, it’s completely up to you how involved we are – but know that we’re just an email or a phone call away. Ready to get started? Here’s our availability.