Google Partner in Phoenix, Arizona

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Google Partner in Phoenix ArizonaIf you’re looking for a Google partner, look no further, you’ve found us!

What’s so cool about working with a Google Partner?

When eCreations was accepted as a Certified Google Partner, we became part of a very elite group of professionals who can call themselves a Google Partner in Phoenix, Arizona.

Google Partners is a program designed for online marketers, web professionals and agencies that help business within the wonderful world of online & digital marketing. There are several reasons why you should look for and hire a Google Partner like eCreations.

With the vast resources, like specialized training and privileged access to support that is available to us as a Google Partner, we’re able to deliver more results to our clients compared to other non-certified agencies.

Think of Google Partners as an extension of Google itself.  As a certified Google partner in Phoenix, we’ve been trained to establish and manage online and digital marketing strategies that’ll keep Google happy; even with updates like panda and penguin.

Each truly certified Google Partner is listed on Google Partners with a badge. Working with a Google Partner is an opportunity to not only grow your business, but it also might influence stronger, closer ties with Google, which is a positive for your business.  As a condition of use, anytime you see the Google Partner badge, it needs to link to the agency’s Google Partner page.  Period.  Those are the rules.  Why do we mention this?  ‘Cause if you’re looking at other Google Partners, make sure they play by the rules and didn’t just copy and paste an image from a search engine.

If you’ve experienced a self-proclaimed pay per click (PPC) expert who didn’t deliver anything but an invoice, rest easy knowing that as a Google Partner, eCreations is credible.  There’s a lot an agency goes through to earn (yes, earn) this certification and we don’t take it lightly.

Choose eCreations as your Google Partner and see the results you expect!