Google Chrome Problem

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Google Chrome Version 44

Do you have a google chrome problem? If you are using the latest Chrome version 44 it can cause sites to forcefully load over httpS if the website checks for HTTPS headers.

Google chrome 

Depending on how sites are written, they may depend on the browser to tell the website, that the user is accessing the website over HTTPS. Chrome’s latest version is always telling the website that the user is accessing the site via HTTPS.

Forcefully announcing that the user is using HTTPS will break sites that are not configured to handle HTTPS, causing formatting issues, broken functionality, or even prevent a website from loading.


Users may use other browsers to access sites. PHP Developers can add $_SERVER[‘HTTPS’] = false; to their site that do not use HTTPS.

No fix is released yet for Chrome, but the Google Chrome team is aware of the bug and are working on resolving it.