eCreations' Free Consultation Fridays featured in the Phoenix Business Journal

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Phoenix Web developer helping small businesses for free
By Mike Sunnucks, Senior Reporter – Phoenix Business Journal

There are scores of Web designers out there in the marketplace ranging from higher priced, trendy consultants to your brother-in-law.

But one Phoenix Web developer is hoping to drum up some business by offering free advice.

Steve Tamulewicz is the founder and lead developer of Phoenix-based eCreations Web Service.

Tamulewicz is offering free website consultations for small businesses and nonprofits on Fridays during the months of March and April.

The 45-minute sessions include primers on participants’ domain names and their search engine optimization efforts.

The company stresses that business owners and nonprofit executives are under no obligation to work with eCreations after the consultations. They just have to sign up at

Tamulewicz is also offering some free advice listing several keys for business websites that owners should focus on this year.

He said businesses and their website operators need to make sure their sites work across various platforms as more consumers use smart phones and mobile devices to access the Internet.

“Test your site on different types of smartphones,” Tamulewicz suggests. “Ask employees, business partners and family to help review your site on their mobile devices. Can you find your location, business hours, phone number or other important items from the mobile version of your full website?”

The web developer said the same holds true for different web browsers and operating systems.

“Not everyone uses what you use,” he said. “This step isn’t just for professional developers – you should download the top browsers for free downloads and review what your site looks like in each.”

He also recommends businesses periodically make sure their information and addresses are listed correctly on popular consumer and business review websites such as Yelp and Travelocity, and simple Google searches bring up the right information.

He also said this year’s SEO strategies are different from last year’s, and big search engines regularly change up their algorithms. “This isn’t 2005,” Tamulewicz said. “Google, with 66 percent of market share of online search, changes their search algorithm more than 600 times a year.”

Lastly, the Phoenix Web designer says social media and Facebook are not for everyone, especially if a business cannot put the time and oversight into it.

“It’s OK to say social media isn’t for you. Maybe a newsletter is more your speed. Go with what works for your business,” he said.