Why was my domain not renewed even though I paid for it?

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When renewing a domain it’s important to understand with whom you are renewing and what steps must be taken to ensure the domain is renewed properly.

All renewals of domains registered with Tucows are done via Providers. Providers are responsible for supporting single domain holders. If you have any questions regarding your domain’s renewal status or a billing related matter, it is vital that you contact your Provider. Tucows does not have any access to Providers’ billing records and therefore cannot assist in matters related to your domain’s renewal status, nor can we assist with billing/invoicing.

If you don’t know who your Domain Provider is, please see this page.

There are many organizations who solicit registrants for renewal services but who currently have no authority to renew the domain name.

It is possible to transfer the domain to them, at which point they would have the authority to renew the domain.

There are two possible scenarios:

1. Renewing with your current Domain Provider
This is generally the fastest and easiest method of renewing a domain name, since this is the company that’s currently responsible for supporting your domain registration. You can keep track of the renewal using our WHOIS lookup to see the current expiration date. If it has not been applied, speak with them about the delay in processing your renewal. If you don’t know who your Domain Provider is, please see this page

2. Renewing with another Registrar (or a non-Domain Provider) by transferring your domain name to them.
If you are renewing your domain name with another Registrar, they will not have the authority to renew the domain name until you first complete a “Registration Transfer” to the new Registrar. Once the Registration Transfer is completed, they will be responsible for the domain and will be able to renew it. There are several steps that must be taken before they are able to renew it.

To ensure that the transfer will be successful:

All locks must be removed from the domain
The domain just have a valid Administrative Contact address. You may need to resubmit your transfer request with the new Registrar if the address is updated after the transfer is started.
For most types of domains, you will need the Authorization Code (also called Auth Code or EPP Key) for the domain in order to authorize the transfer.

If your domain has been in expiry for so long that it’s at risk of being deleted from our system (40 days after the expiration date), you can transfer to another Domain Provider in generally under an hour.

The transfer must be submitted with the new Domain Provider (usually on their website), and can only be authorized by the Administrative Contact for the domain. If the Administrative Contact is not currently valid you can update it.