How did my domain expire without any Renewal Reminder notices?

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Renewal Reminders are sent via email to the contact addresses listed on the Registration record. If you change your email address you must also have this updated on your domain name. Having current, valid contact information is a requirement for all who register a domain name, as highlighted in the agreements when the domain was first registered.

Additionally, your email address may use strong SPAM filtering as well. Some SPAM filters will incorrectly identify renewal reminders as SPAM and delete them, or route them out of sight. Disable all SPAM filters on the system during the period you expect renewal reminders.

Some Domain Providers will allow your domain to “auto-renew”. This means when the domain comes up for renewal, you do not have to go through the renewal procedure manually. If you consider your domain important property (for instance if it is critical to your business), it would be a very good idea to have the domain set to auto renew. You should contact your Domain Provider to discuss this possibility.

In all cases, the best way to remember when a domain is up for renewal is to schedule it in your date book or calendar. You can then be assured that even if the automated systems fail, you will remember when to renew and who to renew with.