What is different about .TEL domains?

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.TEL is a new type of gTLD domain. Its purpose is to store all of your contact information, for example, email addresses, cellular phone numbers, website addresses, IM addresses, Twitter addresses, social networking sites such as Facebook, street addresses, and Google maps.

.TEL pages can be accessed by any device that is connected to the Internet, and visitors to a .TEL page can click on any of the displayed links, and a connection is established immediately to the associated destination. In addition, you can specify whether your contact information is available to everyone or only to certain people.

All of this information is stored directly in the DNS. This is different from other TLDs where the DNS simply maps domain names to IP addresses. All content for .TEL domains is hosted on Telnic’s TelHosting platform; therefore, you cannot manage the DNS or add domain forwarding or email forwarding to your .TEL domain name in Storefront.

As soon as your .TEL domain registration is complete, you will receive an email containing your username and password for the Telhosting system so that you can log in and add your contact information to your .TEL website.

Important: Email addresses (for example, yourname@domain.tel) are not available for .TEL.