Checkout Address Autocomplete for WooCommerce: A Must-Have WordPress Plugin by eCreations

If you have a WordPress site that uses WooCommerce, eCreations just developed a free, simple, must-have, no-brainer plugin that makes the checkout process just a bit easier for your customers!

The result?  Reduced cart abandonment and increased sales!

The Checkout Address Autocomplete for WooCommerce WordPress plugin will hook into the WooCommerce checkout page to add a feature that gives customers an auto-complete suggestion drop-down of addresses as they type in the address field.

When customers click or hit enter on one of the addresses, then the corresponding Address, City, State, and Zip fields automatically populate with the selected address data.

Features of Checkout Address Autocomplete for WooCommerce:

To enable the functionality of this plugin, you need to paste your free Google Maps Javascript API Key in the plugin settings page.

Made with love by eCreations, the ONLY Certified WooCommerce Expert in Arizona!


Screenshots of Checkout Address Autocomplete for WooCommerce:

Shows address auto-complete suggestions as you type
Selected address automatically populates the fields
Address suggestions are relative to the selected country
Simple settings page to save your Google Maps Javascript API Key