What is CED Contact Information?

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In order to register a .ASIA domain name, at least one of the domain contacts (admin, billing, owner, or tech) must be a legal entity in the DotAsia community. To satisfy this requirement, you must submit Charter Eligibility Declaration (CED) contact information when you purchase a .ASIA domain. For a definition of the geographical boundaries of the DotAsia community, see http://www.icann.org/montreal/geo-regions-topic.htm.

In your shopping cart, beside the .ASIA domain that you want to purchase, you will see a link called EDIT CED CONTACT. When you click this link, the CED Contact Information page appears. You can enter the CED information while the domain is still in your shopping cart or when you check out.

On the CED Contact Information page, if you choose Other from the Legal Entity Type drop-down list, you must also describe the entity type in the Legal Entity Type Info text field; the maximum number of characters allowed in this field is 255. Similarly, if you choose Other from the Identification Type drop-down list, you must use the Identification Type Info field to describe the identification type, and use the Identification Number field to enter the identification number or reference code (for example, Passport number, Business Certificate number, Act or Legislation number/code).