How can I transfer an Expired Domain?

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Usually you cannot transfer an expired domain from another Registrar to Tucows, as the currently Registrar will not support this. However, you should check with the current Registrar to verify that you can or cannot transfer the domain.

You can, however, transfer an expired domain that is currently with Tucows. There are two types of transfers you can perform:

1) Transfer to another Domain Provider
You can transfer your domain to another Domain Provider, which can generally be accomplished in under 30 minutes. Even if their website states that expired domains cannot be transferred, they will be able to transfer your domain because they are within the same Registrar system (Tucows/OpenSRS) as your old Provider.

2) Transfer to another Registrar
You can transfer your domain to another Registrar, but you will need to get your domain Provider to unlock your domain. Sometimes this can be done by the domain owner from a Domain Management Interface in the Domain Extras section. The current lock status can be seen from a WHOIS lookup and is usually shown as “clientTransferProhibited”. Note that Registrar transfers take generally 1-7 days to complete.

To ensure the transfer will succeed you must first submit the transfer request with the Gaining Registrar. Emails will be sent to the Admin contact asking for their approval. You can verify the address using a WHOIS lookup

The Administrative Contact email address is used to confirm the transfer. If it needs to be updated, you may need to resubmit the transfer request with the Gaining Registrar. Clarify this issue with the Gaining Registrar first.

You must also have the Authorization Code information (also called an Auth Code or EPP key) for the domain name.

There must be no locks or holds on your domain name. If you need to have your domain name unlocked you must either contact your Domain Provider directly, and in some cases you can remove it yourself from a Domain Management Interface under Domain Extras.