Back-end Developer Pre-Test

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Back-end Developer Pre-Test

Congratulations on moving one step closer to working at eCreations!  Your questionnaire looked pretty good, and now it’s time to prove you know your stuff.

FYI, your timer started when you opened this page.  We just want to know how long it takes you.

Here’s your test…

  • Using PHP, iterate through the integers between (inclusive) 1 and 100. For each number, if it is divisible by 3 and not 5, print foo. If it is divisible by 5 and not 3, print bar. If it is divisible by both 3 and 5, print foobar. If the number is divisible by neither 3 nor 5, do not print anything out.
  • Make sure you filled out your name and email address, and click Send.