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Java Script Single Page Applications

Java Script Single Page Applications-Once upon a time, the web was a place for content — research data, personal websites, encyclopedias and references. Since then it has become a repository for the world’s entertainment, communication, transaction, and wealth of knowledge. Every business has a web presence, everybody has accounts on half a dozen social networks, […]

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Hashing and Salting: How Secure Websites Store Your Password

Hashing Did you ever write a secret, “coded” message? Speak in Pig Latin? Swap “A” with “1″, “B” with “2″? These are all different methods of encryption – and whether it’s ROT-13 (A = M, B = N, C = O, …) or super-secret wartime ciphers — the idea is that you use a key (think Little Orphan Annie’s […]

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