Author: Franklin

Google Chrome Problem

Google Chrome Version 44 Do you have a google chrome problem? If you are using the latest Chrome version 44 it can cause sites to forcefully load over httpS if the website checks for HTTPS headers.   Depending on how sites are written, they may depend on the browser to tell the website, that the […]

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They are Doing What Now?

Technology is great, especially wireless technology. RFID, NFC, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc, all allow the transmission of data without the need for cables. When at the register, ready to pay, I take my phone out, enter my pin into Google Wallet, and swipe my phone on the card terminal. I just paid for my groceries without […]

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Improving WordPress Security

Blogs, commonly WordPress sites, are targets for online hackers. Hackers target blogs for many reasons such as infecting visitors, collecting information (physical location, passwords, favorite places) for identity theft, or to purposely take up server resources to take the blog down. In order to gain access, and achieve their goal, hackers need to log into […]

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