What additional information do I need to add for .IT registrations?

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When you register a .IT domain, you need to enter some additional information about the domain owner (also known as the registrant).

In your shopping cart, beside the .IT domain that you want to purchase, you will see a link called EDIT EXTRA PARAMS. When you click this link, the Owner Information page appears. Use the drop-down lists to choose the Entity Type and Nationality, and complete the relevant text fields.

In the VAT/Codice Fiscale field, you need to enter a valid identifying number. The value that you need to enter depends on the entity type that you choose.

  • Italian citizens must enter their Codice Fiscale.
  • Non-Italians can enter n.a.
  • Italian companies, freelancers, and other subjects must enter their 11 digit VAT number or tax identification number.
  • Italian non-profit organizations must enter their VAT number or tax identification number; if they do not have one, they can entern.a.
  • Non-Italian entities other than persons (organizations, freelancers, companies, etc.) must enter their VAT number.

In the address fields, if country = Italy, you must also have a valid five-digit Italian postal code, for example, 00199. For a complete list of Italian postal codes, see en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_postal_codes_in_Italy.